Julie Gauthier | My Portfolio
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About Me

Hi. I’m Julie Gauthier. I am a Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Developer, Social Media Marketing maven, and Digital Content Producer. I’m originally from Montreal, but I lived in many places across Canada before moving to Los Angeles. After a year there, I moved to Toronto, a place that I can finally call my home. I’ve been rather lucky in my professional experience, working with super-fun brands like Nitro Circus, Whipclip and Hallmark in the digital marketing space, Toronto-based agencies like Underdog and Wasabi Media with a strong emphasis on print and signage installation, and with Fan Expo HQ as a Graphic Designer and Production Designer for print, web, and social media. Don’t ask me to choose what side I like better, I’ll always say both. I’m always taking a course or two to continue improving professionally; currently I’m trying to deepen my knowledge of motion graphics animation and UX design.

Graphic Design

Web Design

Video Editing

Social Media

Featured Work

Art, Design, E-blast, Illustration, Infographic, Key Art, Layout, Logo, Photography, Print, Typography, Web, Web Banners
Brand Identity, Design, Development, Illustration, Infographic, Logo, Print, Typography, User Experience, Web
Contact Me And Say Hello

Hey, drop me a line. I will trip over myself to respond to your email.